Best Roofing Nailer Reviews | The Ultimate Roofing Nailer Bying Guide 2021

Choosing the best roofing nailer is very important in ensuring that your job is a lot easier. Getting shingles on easily and quickly means that you will be able to complete your task much faster. The best tool for the job should be easy to use, leaves a clean finish and reloads quickly.

Nearly every good roofing nailer out there is air powered. Although there are a few battery-powered options out there, they are not as good as air powered nailers. If your air compressor can produce up to 170 psi, you can be sure that you will be able to cover large areas of a roof when compared to using a battery-powered nailer.

Users have different needs, and the good thing is that there are models to suit different tastes. What may work for a full-time roofer may not be an excellent option for a first timer. Almost anyone can use a roofing nailer, however, in the hands of a professional, it can easily make nailing of large areas simple work to do.

8 Best Roofing Nailer

#1. BOSTITCH RN46-1 ( Coil Roofing Nailer )

BOSTITCH RN46-1 is one of the best roofing nailers with versatile and dependable features. This unit accommodates nails that are 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch in size, which makes it versatile when it comes to nailing different material.

It also packs an incredible punch. It can deliver an incredible 410 in./lbs of force with the pressure of only 100 psi; this means that the unit can use any type of compressor and you don’t need to get the most powerful compressor roofing nailer to use this unit.

If you are looking for the fastest roofing nailer, then you will not find in RN46-1 as it only shoots 100 nailer per. But this is still a good speed for many people. With the push of a button, users can change the firing mode of this unit from bump to sequential. The sequential mode provides a quite decent accuracy to create an even finish work. It carbide insert nose is also durable.

With an adjustable depth control, users can quickly adapt to the density and thickness of the material on the fly. This unit has a lightweight magnesium construction which is easy on the hand. At only 4.8lbs, it makes it an excellent tool for using for an extended period.

It also has a one-step nail loading mechanism which makes it a lot easier to install shingles as it is a single piece. Side-loaded coils are easier to use and are more user-friendly. It’s just amazing that this unit has it.

Last but not least, RN46-1 has an excellent trigger mechanism which has long travel and requires little force to press. Although this might look like an insignificant feature, it makes a big difference when it comes to nailing under challenging positions for a longer time.


  • Can be power with only 100 psi.
  • It has soft rubber pads to give you a comfortable grip.
  • Its side-loading magazine allows for faster nail reloading.
  • Lightweight magnesium casing.
  • It carbide insert noise is durable.


  • It is not the fasters roofing nailer.

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#2. Hitachi NV45AB2 (Coil Roofing Nailer)

Hitachi NV45AB2
The Hitachi roofing nailer is common model and it’s widely used by professionals in work fields because of its ease of use and versatility. Being a side-loaded nailer, it makes the reloading process a lot easier. But that doesn’t stop there.

Users can adjust the depth-of-drive control with a scrolling knob located behind the trigger. This feature is hand particularly for people who are using the same nailer to nail different materials. This unit is very accurate and can effectively handle precision tasks like nailing overhands and flush nailing. This is where the importance of the depth-of-drive feature comes in.

Aside from that, the handles are coated in a soft rubbery material which makes the unit comfortable to use. The capacity of the magazine is pretty decent as it can accommodate 120 nails. This should be more than enough to prevent frequent reload. Carbide nose delivery sits close to the ground and can deliver a powerful and precise nailing every single time the nose comes in contact with the surface.

The best thing about Hitachi NV45AB2 is its ability to work with small 7/8” nails. It can also accommodate 1-3/4-Inch nail.

This is one of the best tools that anyone can buy in the market. It is a reliable solution, and that’s why many newbies and professionals use it every day. It has an excellent balance of ease of use, versatility and performance. Although it is a bit more expensive than other models, it is worth it.


  • It has a quality and solid build for durability.
  • Large carbide nose for powerful and accurate delivery.
  • Magazine can accommodate a generous 120 nails.
  • Side –load pack facilitates faster nail replenishment.
  • Works with 7/8 inch – 1-3/4 inch nails.


  • More expensive than other models.

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#3. WEN 61782 ( Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer )

WEN 61782
The WEN 61782 is one of the best brand roofing nailer as it has all the features you need to make installing insulation modes, re-roofing, fiber cement, siding, waterproof tar paper and much more perfect and a lot easier. Getting this model is cheaper than renting a quality nail gun and works well on many DIY projects.

This roofing nailer can hold up to 120 nails ranging from ¾ inches to 1-3/4-Inch. This allows you to do more than you would do with your traditional hammer. Besides, it doesn’t limit users to a single choice of nails with regards to size; therefore, you can rely on this model for different projects.

With this model, struggling when you want to adjust is a thing of the past. It is designed to be easily adjustable and user-friendly. Also, it has a rubber grip handle which makes it easier and comfortable to work with the unit. And with a comfortable grip, you will be able to work for a more extended house without getting tired. The model is also lightweight, making it ideal for longer tasks, not to forget the fact that it is easy to handle and load.

Comfortable single spacing is very important during jobs, and the good news is that this top brand roofing nailer offers this to you. It has adjustable shingle guide in addition to depth control. Also, it accommodates 120 nails, making it quick and easy to use for different tasks. This pack also comes with durable carrying care for safe transportation as well as oil to lubricate it for durability and proper functioning. It is a fantastic nailer gun.


  • Comes with a rubber grip handle.
  • Comes with a turn able exhaust valve.
  • Comes with a carrying case, a bottle of oil, 3 assorted hex wrenches and safety glasses.
  • Lightweight unit with a durable and lightweight case.
  • Easy to handle and load.
  • Can hold a maximum of 120 nails with quick release


  • Users must set a depth adjustment and keep resetting nearly every bundle.

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#4. PowRyte Elite 11 Gauge ( Air Coil Roofing Nailer )

PowRyte Elite
The PowRyte Elite 11 Gauge issued for roofing operations, insulation board, exterior drywall and fiber cement installation. This model has the ability to provide a smooth efficient and consistent drive of nailing. The unit only weights 5.92 lbs, which makes it easy to use for your different roofing operation.

This coil roofing nailer can shoot 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch nails from its coil sized nailer magazine. Another great feature is that the magazine can hold 120 nails at ago. With side-loading ability, the magazine can be loaded quickly from the side, thus reducing the amount of time required to reload the unit.

The nose assembly of this unit is designed for easy removing for the reason of maintenance or cleaning. It also has carbide tipped nose piece which helps in reducing wear, thus extending the lifetime of the unit. When you are using the tool, its skid-resistant pad guards are in place for tool protection and safety.

This model also has a depth adjustment wheel which helps users to shoot nails into desired depth in different materials. It also has an adjustable shingle guide for quick and perfect shingle spacing.

This model is also user-friendly, and its non-slip rubber slip ensures this. The grip offers the comfort that users need to work with the tool efficiently. It also protects the users by not slipping from their hands. Its 360-degree air exhaust keeps the dust, oil and debris away from the operator as well as the work piece.


  • Has rubber grip handle for comfortable use.
  • It is also lightweight, making it easier to work with it for long hours.
  • The magazine can hold 120 nails.
  • Features skid resistant pad guards for safety and protection.
  • Depth adjustment wheel makes it easier to shoot nails to the desired depth in different materials.
  • Side-loading makes it easier to load the magazine.
  • 360-degree air exhaust keeps dirt and debris away from the work place and user.


  • some users say it is a bit expensive.

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#5. DEWALT DWFP12658 ( Coil Roofing Nailer )

DEWALT DWFP12658 is a top roofing nailer for a homeowner or contractor that likes working DIY projects. And just like other DEWALT tools, this roofing nailer looks good. Most importantly, it fires amazingly in any mode and it is also accurate and super-fast.

It is cheaper than renting a gun. Whether you are handling a one-time job or you work on roofs regularly, this model is a lot affordable than renting one. Most importantly, you will be able to work at your own pace because their no deadlines to be met.

It is also well-balanced and light. When roofing, the last thing you want is to use a massive weighted machine. This is disadvantageous to you in the sense that it will drain your energy even before you start working. This model is lightweight, making it ideal for working on various projects and the fact that it is well-balanced means that you will comfortably use. It also requires little maintenance, thus making it reliable even in harsh weather conditions.

This model also allows for easy shingle adjustment; this makes your work accurate, fast and easy. You will be able to complete your job in the shortest time possible. Again, this model comes with an over-molded grip which offers better control and more comfort. That means that you will be able to handle any job in a more comfortable way and experience less fatigue.

Another great feature of this model is safety and speed. It comes with skid-resistant pads to ensure that it doesn’t slide or fall-off accidentally when in use. It also comes with wear guards for protecting the tool. When this is combined with the tool’s compact construction, it will be able to serve you for a long time with minimal repairs and maintenance.


  • Low maintenance tool.
  • It has a compact light construction with amazing control and balance.
  • Adjustable shingle guide allows for accurate shingle placement.
  • Lightweight and good-looking.
  • Skid-resistant pads ensure safety and ear guards protect the tool.
  • Over-molded grip offers better control and comfort.


  • It can only be used for roofing, thus limiting its use.
  • No adjustable vent

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#6. Ramsond CRN-45 ( Air Coil Roofing Nailer )

Ramsond CRN-45
Ramsond CRN-45 can be used for a wide range of application such as roofing, wall sheathing, siding installation floor and wall framing, fencing and wood box assembly. This model shoots 11 nails that range from ¾ inch to 1 3/4inch. Its magazine can hold 120 nails.

This model is not only durable but also of industrial quality, yet agile and lightweight. The body of this unit is made from durable die-cast alloy for low-weight and durability. Also, it has a cushioned handle for operating comfort and balance, safety and stability. It’s adjustable depth drive control to allow the users to control the depth of the nail easily. It comes with two carbide tips to ensure durability.

It also has an ergonomic design which is designed under the stringent ISO guidelines to ensure quality control. Ramsond CRN-45 uses compressed air with a standard air compressor that can deliver 60-110 psi. Aside from that, it comes with a standard ¼ inch NPT air inlet and uses a tiger-actuated mechanism that positions and drives the nails automatically for precise and rapid installation. By resting the nose of the unit against the work surface, the angle and direction of the nail are aligned automatically.


  • Lightweight aluminum casing provides better maneuverability and helps in reducing fatigue.
  • Cycle rate produced works as fast as the user.
  • Delivers the power needed to drive nails consistently in tough materials.
  • Driver plate is durable.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment helps in locating the right depth setting accurate nail penetrating.
  • Carbide inserts tips protects the unit against wear and tear.
  • Side-load canister makes it easier to load nails.
  • Jam clearing nose door helps in elimination down-time caused by bent fasteners that have been caught in the nose.
  • Nail height adjustment lever makes it easier and quicker to make adjustments.
  • It has two firing modes: bump fire and single fire.
  • Shingle guide adjustment allows for accurate placement of shingles.
  • Cushioned handle for comfort.


  • Some users claim this model is not ideal for a professional roofer.

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#7. Senco Roof Pro 455XP ( Air Coil Roofing Nailer )

Senco Roof Pro 455XP
This roof nailer is a popular roofing nailer on the market. It doesn’t come with extremely spectacular features, but what distinguishes it from other nailers is its ease of use.

If you are a professional who is looking for a reliable roofing nailer that will work in the long run, then you should consider this model. It provides ample power for sheathing and other roofing tasks. When adjusted properly, this unit can be used to do sensitive jobs like installing shingles.

The Senco Roof Pro 455XP holds amazingly, and its ergonomics are excellent. Most importantly, this model can be used for a very long time without hand fatigue. Being lightweight, this unit can be operated comfortably with one hand. You don’t need muscles to operate this unit; this means that women can use it.

This unit shoots 11 GA 15-degree nails ranging between 3/4inch and 1-3/4inch. Although this model is not as powerful as Hitachi NV45AB2, it is versatile and should be decent enough for most roofing experts.

As a roofing nailer, the last thing you want is debris, oil and exhaust air spilling on your clothes and around the nailing area. The Sench Roof Pro 455XP features a 360-degree adjustable exhaust that ensures this. Users can adjust and locate the depth-of-drive just below the trigger mechanism, which is easy to press.

The unit also comes with soft-rubber material around the handle for long hour use and better ergonomics. It feels great and should be installed on all roofing nailers.


  • Excellent construction and easy to use.
  • 360-degree exhaust protect you and your working space.
  • Shoots all types of round head 3/4inch and 1-3/4inch nails.
  • Depth-of-drive is adjustable.
  • Soft handles feels good in the hand and great ergonomic.
  • Comes with case for carrying
  • It works perfectly even for both newbies and professional roofers


  • A little bit more expensive that other units with the same specs.
  • Does have all the great features you would expect in a top-quality roofing nailer

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#8. MAX CN445R2 Super Roofer ( Air Coil Roofing Nailer )

The Max CN445R2 is the latest model manufactured by the Max Super Roofing contractor. The manufacturer made the first which sold in the United States market and has continues to improve on its original model.

This model is sturdy and lightweight. It features shingles guide, switches adjustable depth control, roofing round driver blade, rapid-fire trigger, magnetic in the nose, trigger lockout, inline filter and shots 3/4 -1-3/4.
Full round drive blades help to push the nails smoothly. This is advantageous because other models use a crescent or moon shaped driver which causes cupping and styling of nails, and as a result leads to living off the roof dial adjustable depth control, offering excellent depth control.

The Patent Pending nose of this model resists tar four times better than other conventional tools. The trigger lock allows you to prevent the unit from shooting. The manufacturer suggests that when you detach the air source from the model when you are not using the group.

The cap filter, which is easy to maintain catches dirt and sand down to microns, but allow the air and oil into the unit, filter keeps the inside parts clean and staying longer than tools that don’t have filters.

The nose magnets play the vital role of holding the nail in place so that it doesn’t drop out of the unit and cause problems. Aside from that, the manufacturer is known as improvements and designing durable models.

Switch depth control doesn’t require unique tools; dial adjustable depth control, offering accurate depth control. The full round driver blade pushes the nails into the material smoothly, and the model only weights 5.2 lbs.


  • The nose can resist tar 4 times more than traditional tools.
  • There is a trigger lock that stops the device from shooting when not in use.
  • End cap filter is easy to maintain.
  • Nose magnet holds nails in place before shooting.
  • Highly durable and improved model from MAX.
  • Lightweight model.
  • Designed by the pro contractor’s choice.
  • Nails are pushed smoothly with the full round driver blade.


  • Some users say it doesn’t shoot consistently.

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Best roofing nailer buying guide

Before buying a best roofing nailer, it is important that you keep a few factors in mind. This will help you to make informed decisions during the purchase process:

Balance and weight

You want to make sure that you are choosing a roofing nailer that will help you to work for long hours. Aside from being easy on your hands, it should also have the following features:

  • A comfortable weight that does not exceed 5.5 lbs.
  • Ergonomic design with soft-rubber handles.
  • Feel balances.
  • Fit well in your hands.

Most roofing nailers are designed with comfortable handles. This means that even people with small hands should be using it comfortably.

Nailing speed

This factor is a significant factor to keep in mind. The kind of job you are required to do should play a big role in determining your choice for a nailer. If what you want is fast contact nailing, then you should choose a roofing nailer that has a fast fire rate of about one nail per second-the faster the better. You also need to consider the ease and ability to change from bump to sequential mode.

Nail size

Your ideal roof nailer should be able to accommodate a wide range of nail sizes. A roofing nailer that can hold 3/4inch – 1-3/4inch should be versatile enough to handle most roofing jobs. Choosing a roofing nailer that offers small nail size such as 7/8inch is not a good idea unless you will only be using this size. It depends on the task and material you work.

Depth of drive

Different materials require different nailing depth. Your choice will depend on the nail size you use and material thickness. The tool should have a way through which you can adjust the depth of drive in the easiest way possible. Some units come with a scrolling known below the trigger mechanism for ease of use.

Design of the magazine

Some roofing nailers come in a two-piece design that requires users to two pieces hinged together to reload the magazine. This is not user-friendly and will take a lot of time, especially when you are working in a difficult position on the roof. Go for a single-piece coil cover as all you will need to do is to pull a latch to open the coil cover. Besides, side-loaded magazines are the most preferred option as it makes it easier to open and reload the nails. When you are shopping for roofing nailers, always choose those that have the side-loading magazine as this is important in ensuring ease of use when it comes to reloading the magazine.


The trigger mechanism fires the nails. The best brand roofing nailer should allow you to press the trigger freely without obstruction. Most importantly, the trigger press should be long and smooth. Short triggers can be dangerous as they shoot nails with the slightest of touch. That’s not what you want.

Shape of the nose dive

The top roofing nailer should have a perfectly flat nose dive and sit flush on the roofing surface. Most importantly, it should be large enough to offer more stability, control and performance over your nailing. Also, it should not skid even on slippery materials.

Roofing nailer safety tips

It is important that you know what you are dealing with. Take your time to learn the configuration and roofing nailer you will use as this is important in ensuring that you are safe. Beginners are likely to get injured in fact; they are three more likely to get injured in the process. Most injuries caused by roofing nailers are to the fingers and hand.

The unintended or accidental firing of the roofing nailer is the most common cause of injury. Inadvertent firing may also occur when a user has his finger on the contact trigger while the nose piece of the unit is touching his body or that of a co-worker. It is important that you choose roofing nailers with sequential triggers as they are twice safer than those with contact triggers.

This video created by – WorkSafeBC

Many workers, especially in the U.S sustain roofing nailer injuries, and a lot of money is being used on emergency room care, worker’s camp and rehab.

It is important that you understand safety precautions before using a roofing nailer. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t carry the roofing nailer with your finger on the trigger.
  • Don’t operate the tool when it has malfunction.
  • Don’t operate the tool with a “work contact” disabled or removed.
  • Don’t drive a nail on top of fasteners or knots.
  • Don’t nail something that’s beyond your reach.
  • When shot with a fastener, don’t try to pull it out on your own.
  • When handling the roofing nailer, always wear proper ear and eye protection.
  • Always get your target right as well as what is beyond it.
  • Always point the nose away from you and your co-workers.
  • Disconnect the air source before clearing a nail jam or serving it.
  • Always keep the tool well-maintained and clean.
  • A roofing nailer that is well-maintained is safer to use.
  • With so many fasteners in the market, always choose a fastener that is designed to shoot through the tool.
  • Maintain proper foot all the time.

Always remember and keep in mind all these valuable safety tips every time you are working with a roofing nailer and be safe for you and your loved ones.


When it comes to choosing the best roofing nailer for your needs, you need to look at many factors because there are many different options in the market. Depending on the number of nails you might shoot in a single day, and how often you’ll be shooting the nails, you should be in a position to choose a roofing nailer based on these factors.

As you can see in this review post, there are many variations among roofing nailers which might seem more similar at first glance that they are. But we have covered all the essential points you need to know to understand the various roofing nailers. According to us, the Bostitch can do a fantastic job providing you know how to use it. Most importantly, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the safety features before using it.

We wish you all the best in finding the best tools that will tackle your project quickly and conveniently.

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