Best Brad Nailer: The Top 10 Most Efficient Designs in 2021

If you need a clinical finish to all your nailing works, you should use the best brad nailer for woodworking. Using a hammer will stain your work, dent the surface, and leave you with a shoddy finish. The good thing is the same cannot be said of the top brad nailer.

In this post we are going to give you some of the top 10 best electric brad nailer that’s we sampled from hundreds more. We intend to make it easy for you to choose a brand and a design that will easily fit your needs once you finish reading our expert review in brad nailers.

Our reviews were settled on after we had compared the nailers efficiency, performance, reviews and feed backs by users, features, and prices also. A word of advice, you don’t have to pick all the nailer’s that we have listed here – but you should definitely pick one of them today.
Let’s read on to see what we’ve got for you.

Top 10 Most Efficient Best Brad Nailer

DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT DC608K Brad NailerTo start as off is the DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt Brad Nailer Kit. We chose this best 18 gauge brad nailer at the top of our list for various reasons. It has awesome user friendly features that make it a great buy for any customer.

Superior Engine Design
The nailer’s engine design gives it a superior edge that allows it to work pretty fast and provide a consistent nail penetration sequence. Additionally, it also boosts the nailer’s ability to penetrate both hard and soft joints with a high level precision.

Sequential Operation Mode
More importantly is the uniformity by which the nailer works. It has a sequential operation mode/ technology which give it the ideal precision placement design that most nail jobs require to give cool results.

Bump Operation Technology
Apart from the sequential operation mode is a Bump Operation Mode that gives you more speed and ideally finishes your work in no time. The bump mode if for huge jobs that don’t require precision placement.

Straight Magazine Design
Additionally, the DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt Brad Nailer Kit also comes with a straight magazine design. The reason why this is vital for your work is this: it makes nail loading a very easy task.

Easy Removal of Jamming
For jammed nails, the brad nailer leaves you with no worries too. It has a larger nosepiece that makes the work easy and more importantly operating the nailer is no brainer. So your job is super easy from all fronts.

Safe Mode Trigger Setting (Contact Trip Lock-Off)
When the nailer isn’t in use, you can also set it on a safe made trigger setting that minimizes any hazards especially for kids, pets, and other non-informed users. This is important if you have a large family.

Light In Weight
The nailer is highly portable. With just about 7.4 pounds in weight, you could easily use it with one hand and not even realize it’s there!

The Bad: In case you don’t engage the Contact Trip Lock-Off for safety when the nailer isn’t in use, it could easily hurt someone.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • Contact Trip Lock-Off


  • Easy to damage if mishandled

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BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Brad NailerIn our No. 2 spot of the best cordless brad nailers is the BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer Kit. This super nailing kit will make a great bargain for your home especially if your needs are simple and easy chores to work through.

Durable Construction
The very first thing about this nailer is its durable construction. It is made out of a poly design and steel alloy that gives it a sturdy design and a superior edge when it comes to working on rugged jobs.

Smart Point Technology
Again the nailer also has a patented Smart Point Technology that allows it to have an easy and precise nail placement even on the tightest places possible. This prevents wastage of nails and also makes your work easy.

Huge Power Drive
The nailer also has a high performance capacity. This is cool for people who want a huge job done in no time. It allows you to drive 18 gauge brad nails in no time and gives you the coolest results for every job done.

Tool-Free Jam Release Mechanism
Like many other best brad nailers that have smaller nosepieces, this one may also get a number of nails jamming from time to time. The Tool-Free Jam Release Mechanism is a great technology that makes jam clearing easy without a use of a screwdriver or a wrench.

Dial –A– Depth Control Technology
This technology promotes the precise countersinking of your 18 gauge nails making your work clean and free of any dirty ends.

No Mar Tips
The tip is also ideal for working on soft and hard surfaces without leaving you with any scratches or any form of cuts.

The Bad: The BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer Kit has a smaller nose piece. This could make work a little tougher as it creates jams easily. However, with the Tool-Free Jam Release Mechanism this should be your last of worries!


  • Smart Point Technology.
  • No mar tip.
  • Huge drive power.
  • Durable construction.
  • User manual included.


  • Smaller nosepiece (may easily jam with nails).

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PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Brad NailerFor the best electric brad nailer you can always go with the modern designed nailers. And a good example of such a nailer is the PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit.

Unique Design
The nailer has a unique and stylish design that’s makes it stand out among the rest. This is great for people who love to customize their work. It is made of hardened plastic and ideal metallic alloy that makes is durable and highly appealing in design.

Battery Powered
The PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA works with battery power. This means you can easily use it in areas that aren’t powered up. The use of a battery also eliminates the need of a compressor thus making your work easy and enjoyable.

Consistent Depth of Drive
Because of its depth adjustment wheel, buying this best cordless brad nailer gives you a quick and easy consistent depth of drive which allows you to counter sink your nails properly and consistently.

Tool Free Jam Releaser
Like many other high performing brad nailers, this one also has the best release lever for any forms of nail jams. The leaver works independently and you don’t have to use any form of tool to clear the jam.

High Level Run time
With battery power to give it the amp that it needs this nailer will also give you a better run time. You can always count on it to have a longer span.

Battery Charger
The batteries are rechargeable and come with a battery charger that allows you to boost the charge in case it goes low.

No Mar Tip
Finally, the brad nailer’s tip is designed to give a clear finish to any surface that it works on. No scratches or stains.

The Bad: The battery charger is very delicate and could easily breakdown in case you mishandle it. Our advice is to use it as instructed and keep it off children’s and pets reach!


  • Uses rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Includes battery charger.
  • High level run time.
  • Depth adjustment wheel.


  • Delicate/ brittle battery charger.

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Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Cordless Brad NailerAnother best 18 gauge brad nailer that we found was the Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer. Simple in design but quite effective, the nailer had a number of features that blew us off our feet.

No Compressor Technology
The nailer comes with an integrated air compressing mechanism. This means that on buying this nailer, you will only need a lithium battery or NiCad battery to set it on operation. This is really easy.

Power Tool Only
The nailer also comes with a power tool that makes your work easy upon buying a battery. You can however, ensure that you buy a battery along with the nailer in order to save time and energy.

High Runtime
On a single charge, this brad nailer is capable of delivering up to 700 brad nails. This makes your work easy, fast, and efficient. You don’t have to worry about coming in last on your work ever. It is good for jobs that need to move fast.

Depth Adjustment Mode
Additionally, the Ryobi P320 Airstrike also has a cool depth adjustment technology. Even better, its depth adjustment technology works with a onetime dial pad. Upon a single dial, you can easily change its depth to fit your needs.

Dry Fire Lockout
You may wonder what next when the nails in the magazine are done. Well this nailer has the Dry Fire Lockout technology to prevent any damages on your wood. This technology will prevent your nailer from firing when there are no loaded nails in the magazine.

Dual Led Lights
For more illumination and a clean working pick during the day, this brad nailer comes equipped with a set of LED lights that gives you an easy task in dim areas.

The Bad: The Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer comes with no battery. This means additional costs when buying a set of batteries for your brad nailer for woodworking.


  • LED Lights for Dim Areas.
  • Power Tool Included.
  • 700 Nails in One Charge.
  • Dry Fire Lockout.


  • No batteries included.

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SENCO FinishPro 18MG, 2-1/8″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer (ProSeries)

SENCO FinishPro Brad NailerNext in line is the SENCO FinishPro 18MG, 2-1/8″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer (ProSeries), a modern brad nailer that give you a cordless edge with every angle. It is easy to spot and has been hailed as one of the best from the many reviews that we saw.

Easy to Use
For starters, the SENCO FinishPro is very easy to use. It comes with an easy to follow user manual that’s makes working with it a simple activity.

18 Gauge Nailer
For anyone who wants the 18 gauge nailer. This one is a top brad nail gun for the money. It is affordable and super-efficient when it comes to absolute performance.

Ultra-Light in Weight
Weighing less than 5 pounds, the SENCO FinishPro 18MG, 2-1/8″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is in fact very light. It supports one hand operation and you could easily go through with it without even noticing if it is there.

Oil Free Design
The nailer is virtually one of the best cordless brad nailer. In short it uses electricity and not gas. This gives it a superior modernized touch that prevents you from having stressful sprees of changing gas and oil.

Two Trigger Design
Additionally, this nailer comes with two main triggers. One trigger is for precision sinking of nails while the other is for bump fire ride. The two trigger designs are easy to calibrate and you can do so alone by following the manual.

Adjustable Depth of Drive
While the depth drive adjustment cannot be done by a dial pad like we saw above, it still works just well for this nailer. You can easily set the depth to fit your nailing needs at any time along the job.

Rear Exhaust Technology
In case of your nails jamming, you can easily use the rear exhaust technology to release the jam and have a clear path for your magazine too.

The Bad: Replacing the triggers could waste sometime along the work especially if you needed to meet specific deadlines. The nailer also has no LED lights for dim lit areas.


  • Rear Exhaust Technology.
  • Two Trigger Design.
  • Oil Free Design
  • Ultra-Light in Weight.


  • No LED Lights.

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DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic Brad NailerDEWALT is known to manufacture some of the best tools for hands on guys. It is no surprise that it takes a center stage in our reviews. With its DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit it gives you the most affordable nailer of all and some cool features too.

Maintenance Free Motor
The kit has a maintenance free motor that is design to have a long lifespan. The motor will also give you a clean, clear, finish on your wooden surfaces without leaving you with any forms of stains on the surface.

Depth of Drive Adjustment
Additionally, this nailing kit also comes with a super cool depth of drive adjustment technology. The best part about its depth of drive adjustment is this; it requires no tool to adjust. All you need is to dial on the pad and the depth automatically adjusts.

Easy Jam Release Lever
No tools needed. No wrench or screwdriver needed. All you have to do is press on the tool free jam release lever and you will free your brad nailer from any form of nail-jam.

Rear-End Exhaust Design
And to make your work better, cleaner, and appealing in its finish, the nailer also has a rear exhaust technology apart from the maintenance free motor. This adds on its efficiency and makes your end results really cool.

Pneumatic Power Source
To drive the 18 gauge nails with the precision that they deserve, the nailer has a pneumatic power source that makes power generation for huge works a very easy thing to handle at any given time.

No Mar Tip
Apart from all these, the nailer also has a supported no-mar tip. This adds on the cool finish that it provides for all your wood works.

Dry Fire Touch
In case your nailer is out of nails, it won’t fire. This will save your wooden surface from getting damaged.

The Bad: The nailers magazine capacity is low. Meaning you will have to spend so much time loading the nailer across the job.


  • Rear-End Exhaust Design.
  • Pneumatic Power Source.
  • Easy Jam Release Lever.
  • Maintenance Free Motor.


  • Low magazine capacity.

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Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer

Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad NailerThe Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer is also another best brad nailer for woodworking. For people who have used this bestseller before, there are a number of things to love it for.

Two Trigger Systems
For starters the nailer comes with two nail sinking modes. You will enjoy a bump fire mode for high speeds and fast sinking of nails in your wooden surfaces and a contact fire design that gives you a much more precise nail sinking mode.

Selective Actuation
The Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer has a selective actuation design. This design/ mechanism easily allowthe user to switch between the bump fire design and contact fire mode by just a single flip on the switch.

Light in Weight
At less than 2.5 pounds of weight, this modern brad nailer is in fact the lightest in this category. You could easily use it for hours and on one hand without even noticing that you have had it so long.

Well Balanced Design
The nailer is designed to balance. Why this is important is this; it makes working with thee nailer really easy. You can actually balance it on hand and have the best performance whenever you need to.

Elastomer Grip
To minimize on vibrations and make your work steady, the nailer is equipped with a great elastomer grip handle. This gives you a non-slip handle design that ensures your safety and also less exhaustion.

Wide Nosepiece
Even better, the nailer has a large nose piece that makes it really easy to clear any form of nail jam along your way. You don’t need to use a screwdriver, a wrench, or any other tool in order to make sure the jam is cleared.

Depth of Drive Adjustment
The nailer comes with an easy to adjust dial pad that allows you to adjust the depth of your nailer upon contact and at any given time along the job.

The Bad: The nailer is meant for smaller jobs. Working with it in huge projects will easily leave you exhausted. It also has low capacity.


  • Wide Nosepiece.
  • Elastomer Grip.
  • Well Balanced Design.
  • Selective Actuation.


  • Smaller design for low capacity jobs.

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PORTER-CABLE BN200C 2-Inch 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad NailerUnlike the other nailers that we have seen, the PORTER-CABLE BN200C 2-Inch 18GA Brad Nailer Kit is a top brad nail gun for the money. It offer a number of functionalities on a great bargain.

18 Gauge Brad Nail Kit
The kits design is constructed to support the 18 gauge nails. This makes it one of the best 18 gauge nailers that you can buy from the market today. It will save you high market costs and still give you the best services.

Easy to Work With
This brad nailer kit also comes with a detailed user manual. This manufacturer’s manual ensures that you can easily understand the nailer. By following the manual you will find working with your nailer really easy.

Free Maintenance Motor
The free maintenance motor is cool and will prevent your work surface from getting stained at any given time. It is designed to last for long and thus give you the best value for your money any day.

Proper Nail Setting Mode
With its tool-free depth adjustment technology, the nailer will not only make your work more efficient, but it will also make your nail depth adjustment simple and easy for a more solid work results.

Lever Jam Release Mechanism
Upon buying this top brad nailer you’d also enjoy a tool-free nail jam release system. This will be made quite easy as the nailer also has a wide nosepiece to make your work really easy and so on point.

Rear Exhaust Design
In order to keep contaminates away from your work, the nailer is designed to come with a specialized rear exhaust design that exceptionally promotes this process and leaves your work with a cool finish.

The Bad: The nailer’s magazine carries limited numbers of 18 gauge nails. You may have to buy a larger design to get more nails in a single magazine and cover a larger area without having to go for a re-load.


  • Quick loading mechanism.
  • Easy to release magazine.
  • Lever Jam Release Mechanism.
  • Proper Nail Setting Mode.


  • Limited number of nails in the magazine.

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Makita AF505N Brad Nailer, 2-Inch

Makita AF505N Brad NailerOur next best cordless nailer was the Makita AF505N Brad Nailer, 2-Inch. Makita is one of the latest entrants to the market. However, many users love it because of its simplicity and ease of use. Apart from these two, it also has a number of features that will blow you away.

Narrow Nose Design
This type of nose design allows you to easily put your nails through a narrow or confined access area. Actually, it makes your work less frustrating. You can easily work with easy even when the space is so limited.

Easy to Open Cam-Lock
The nailer also has an easy to open and operate cam-lock that enables all its users to easily access the magazine and clear any type of nail jam lock in no time. This minimizes any chances of downtime and makes your work timely and fast.

Tool-Less Depth Adjustment
Additionally, the nailer comes with a dial pad that will allow you to easily adjust the depth of your nails and provide more thrust power for a quick and much more dependable finish on your job.

Non Marring Nose
Apart from the depth adjustment, this tool also comes with a non-marring rubberized nose. The good thing about such a nose type is that it will protect all your wooden surfaces from sustaining any forms of scratches and damages.

Tool Hook
The tool hook technology allows you to rotate your tool at just about 180 degrees to keep it close by and not entirely on your way. This is a plus for this cordless nailer as it adds in a more clear tip of use.

Cast and Machined Nose
This is simply to make your contact (wood and nose contact) much more precise and easy to work with. It is good for high performances and also efficient finishes at any given time when working.

The Bad: The Makita AF505N Brad Nailer needs proper care to last long. Because of this, it is advisable that you read the user manual before starting to work with it. If you aren’t the reading type, think twice!


  • Cast and Machined Nose.
  • Tool Hook.
  • Easy to Open Cam-Lock.
  • Narrow Nose Design.


  • Needs proper care to last long (don’t mishandle).

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WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

WEN 61720 Brad NailerThe final brad nailer is our top ten lists is the WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer. It is one of the most ideal brands for professional contractors. The nailer also has some super cool features that makes it a superior brad nailer design to work with.

60 – 100 PSI Operation
To begin us off, you don’t have to apply so much pressure on the WEN 61720. By just applying above 60 PSI and slightly below 100 PSI the thrust force will be enough to lane your nail where you need it. You will use less energy.

Aluminum Design
The brad nailer has a durable aluminum alloy construction. This gives it an edge on two fronts. First you will have an extremely sturdy and durable brad nailer for rugged uses and again you will enjoy a super lightweight (ideal for long period one hand operation).

Rubberized Grip
Like the previous nailer that we saw, this one also comes with a superior grip made of a rubberized touch. This prevents any forms of slips while using the nailer. It boosts your safety and also absorbs any forms of shocks from the high frequency vibrations.

Huge Capacity
Additionally, this bad nailer has a larger capacity. It will easily hold up to 100 pieces of brad nails on every single load in its magazine. The magazine is easy to draw out using a one touch lever and you can also refill it in no time.

1/4-inch NPT air inlet fitting
This one eliminates the need of a compressor thus makes your brad nailer a superior addition to your most efficient tools. Air inlet fitting boosts maximum performance and makes your work really fast.

Additional Accessories
Unlike most brad nailers that we have seen, the WEN 61720 comes with oil and two adjustment wrenches included in its package. This is super as it cuts costs that you would have spent when buying these accessories.

The Bad: You need to oil your nailer from time to time to prevent any corrosive effect or break down and to make it more efficient too.


  • 60 – 100 PSI Operation.
  • Aluminum Design.
  • Rubberized Grip.
  • 1/4-inch NPT air inlet fitting.


  • Easily jams when not oiled.

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Simple Thing to Remember When Choosing Best 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

If you are choosing the best nailer for your needs, you must always remember to keep the following things in mind.

  • What the user reviews say
  • Feedback from previous users
  • The price of the nailer against your budget
  • The safety mechanisms of the nailer
  • Any form of warranty and offers
  • The nailer’s capacity
  • Your construction needs
  • Care and maintenance needs of the nailer

All these tips that we have mentioned will play a great role in ensuring that you get the best nailer for your use any time when you choose to buy your next nailing tool. Keep them in your heart.


Now you have all the clues that you need to choose the Best Brad Nailers; go ahead and get your best nailer today. Just remember to get one that will easily meet your needs. You also need an appealing and stylish design that gives you a brand statement of your own.

When choosing nailers you should also look at how safety they are while in use or when stored. This is greatly important for anyone who has a large family or who lives with the elderly, kids, or pets. This group of people need so much care and must therefore be kept as safe as you can in and outside the house.

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